Non NHS services

The NHS provides most health care free of charge. However there are a number of other services for which fees can be charged. These are mainly for services not covered by the NHS, such as medical reports (for insurance companies) & some travel vaccinations.

Doctors are involved in a whole range of non-medical work, largely on the basis that they occupy a position of trust within the community and are in a position to verify the accuracy of information. If a GP signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a professional duty that the GP checks the accuracy of such information. This may involve examining the patient's entire medical record.

Arden Medical Centre follows BMA Guidance on Fees.

Arden Medical Centre - Fees & charges

BUPA / PPP claim forms etc                                                                                   £ 30.00           

Fitness to Travel                                                                                                      £ 30.00

Fitness to participate            - TV productions  / Training courses etc               £ 30.00                 

Health Club Application                                                                                           £ 35.00

Holiday Cancellation Insurance                                                                              £ 30.00

Immunisation History           - Computer printout                                                  £ 8.00

Need Equipment to Travel                                                                                       £ 15.00

Official Documentation including passport                                                           £ 35.00

OFSTED Application                                                                                                £ 85.00

Patient Examination and Report ADULT                                                               £150.00

Patient Examination and Report CHILD (16yrs & under)                                     £130.00

Medical Report and/or Doctor Opinion from notes                                              £120.00

HGV / Taxi exam & report  / Sports medical & report                                           £150.00

Fostering / adoption assessment / examination                                                   £ 85.00

Additional / Supplementary Report                                                                        £ 30.00

Records (computer print out)                                                                                  £ 10.00

Manual records or combination of manual & computer                                       £ 50.00

Copies of reports / letters                                                                                        40p/sheet

School Letters                       - Exam illness                                                            £ 15.00

To whom it may concern (TWIC) letter                                                                   £ 30.00

Firearms report                                                                                                         £100.00

Private prescription                                                                                                  £ 10.00

Travel vaccines (non-NHS)   - See Travel page

 All fees are subject to change & payment is required at the time (cash, cheque or credit card)

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